The unexpected has just arrived, accident or disaster … Change the car, repair the boiler, pay off an old debt: you have to quickly pay a sum that you do not have . Payday loan is your only solution . But for the remedy to be no worse than the disease, we must not get carried away despite the urgency and know the mistakes to avoid. Scan everything you absolutely need to know before applying for emergency credit.

Get a fast payday loan no matter what your situation

Get a fast payday loan no matter what your situation

If less than a third of your income is spent on repayments of your outstanding payday loans, your situation is ideal for applying for a payday loan and, more importantly, an emergency payday loan .

This criterion is the first in the long list of those that will be verified by your bank, or the lending institution to which you are addressing. In this case, obtaining an emergency payday loan should be quite easy for you.

If this is not the case, contact an establishment that knows you and that you can reassure on the basis of your reasonable long-term management. You can also defend your file based on the imperative nature of your expenditure. Finally, if you are not a very efficient manager, and you need money urgently , there are other solutions that we expose you below.

Feel free to use the fast credit simulators available online . These tools are available on the websites of the big names of the banking world as well as in the form of a comparator, very frequent on the Web. These simulators will allow you to better appreciate the actual conditions of the payday loan requested urgently : repayment period, applied rate, possibility of early repayment … You must be particularly vigilant on each of these criteria so as not to make mistakes that could cost you dearly.

It is even wise, in case of financial emergency, to simultaneously make several credit applications . When the time comes, you will have complete freedom to choose the payday loan offer that best matches your expectations.

How to speed up your loan application?

Among the various factors that can slow down the availability of sums granted, there are the legal deadlines that govern the obtaining of any immediate credit.

The withdrawal period is thus 14 days from the acceptance by the lender. Attention, this delay does not run from the answer of principle that you can receive very quickly after your request . This delay should benefit the borrower, it stays in your hand and you can request its reduction to 8 days .

Financial organizations generally propose to shorten this period and, if the one for which you have chosen does not do so, make a statement to his services to obtain this reduction in your withdrawal period.

If you have an assigned credit (also known as a tied or caused credit), such as a car payday loan, for example, this period can even be reduced to 3 days. This however requires specific formalities and can not be applicable in all cases.

If another step of obtaining credit can be long or even tedious, it is the sending of vouchers. Required by the lender, these documents are essential to the processing of your file and you have every interest in sending them as soon as possible to the financial institution you are applying for.

Double-sided ID, proof of salary or income and the 3 essential to always have on hand. Scan them to obtain good quality images and, if the lender does not do it himself, offer him to send all these pieces by e-mail to speed up the processing of your file.

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