At the moment, there is not much trouble with taking a free time. Namely, there are at least 15 such companies, which new customers are able to present a promotional offer. However, payday loans for PLN 0 are distinguished primarily by the fact that you can borrow from 100 to 1600 PLN. In addition, such payday loans are usually given for a period of 30 days. For example, Zamba, if we are able to pay a verification fee of 10 zlotys, will allow us to take out a loan for 60 days.

Read the contract before you sign

The contract, or rather its accurate reading before the final decision for a break, is a very important stage. Because in the case of unexpected situations such as late payment, it may turn out that we will be forced to incur very high costs. In the regulations, we should find information on whether we can extend the repayment date and what fees the procedure will entail. As a rule, however, loan companies wish to pay a fee of 25% of the loan taken.

Free loan via the Internet

Most often, payday loans are associated with financial products made available via the Internet. Does this availability also apply to free payday payments? It turns out that it is so. Namely, on the websites of specific loan companies there are special forms to be completed. Thanks to them, we can precisely determine what amounts we are interested in, and also how long we want to pay off our debts. If our verification of data, credit history and creditworthiness will pass positively, money on our account may even reach within 15 minutes.

If you do not feel too confident in all procedures related to getting a payday deposit, you can easily use the following tips. We hope that they will be legible enough to get the amount you need.

First of all, focus on choosing the best loan company that will meet our expectations. To do this it is best to use a professional financial comparison engine. But in addition to this, we must read the contract before approaching the next steps. Because it is at this stage that we are able to detect any abuses, or the possibility of getting out of difficult situations, such as problems with repaying the loan on time.

In the next step, we choose the registration form. In it, we enter all your personal details. We do not have to worry that they will be intercepted in any way. Namely, all are confidential, and for the purpose of increasing their secure transmission, special coding is used. In the form, we also have an obligation to agree to check our credit history in specific institutions. Each loan company has its sources in which it checks our solvency, or even lingering on repayment in debt.

To verify your data, you really only need to make a verification transfer. It is a small amount, which everyone is able to cover. It usually amounts to one penny or PLN 1. An exception in this situation is Zamba, which offers a loan after a verification fee of 10 zlotys. If the verification proceeds positively, then there is nothing else but simply filling in a quick application with information about how much we want to borrow exactly and what period of repayment we are interested in. Eventually, the money goes to our bank account. In the case of compliance of bank accounts, we can expect money on your account within 15 minutes of submitting the last application.

Free payday, only for new customers

pospiech o chwilowke

The promotional offer is addressed only to new customers. Therefore, if we use a loan in one company, we can apply for another free reminder in another non-bank institution. For example, taking a free payday at MetLoan, we can count on another promotion in Zamba and then at Hypocredit. Specialists recounted that by taking a new loan each month, we are able to save about several thousand a year.

Limits of free loans

spelnienie warunkow

It seems that we could borrow any amounts in non-bank companies. However, these, especially for new customers, have specific limits. In this way, you have to get used to the fact that each institution is able to borrow us only the maximum amount. Here is the ranking of loan companies with maximum amounts that are made available to new clients:

Hypocredit – PLN 1,600
MetLoan – PLN 1,500
Hillarium – PLN 1000
Domocredit – PLN 1000
Via Mobile- PLN 800
Zamba – PLN 750
GlobeCredit – 600 PLN

The loan repayment date

Timers are a specific financial product that is granted for a period of 30 days. Here is their characteristic feature that allows them to be distinguished from traditional bank loans. Although, on some other terms, he borrows Wong, which sets a repayment date after 60 days from the moment of giving the payday.

akceptacja wniosku o pozyczki

Of course, it is possible to take advantage of the option to postpone the repayment of the loan, but you have to take into account additional costs in this respect. First of all, the fees associated with reminding about the expiration of the deadline are calculated. However, after a certain time, the borrower also has the option to postpone the repayment date. The cost of this option ranges from 10 to 20% of the loan value.

No repayment of the loan on time

Loan companies react immediately to clients who do not pay their wages on time. Usually, a few days after the end of the set date, the first prompts are sent. Of course, these are payable notices added to the sum of the debt.


Many companies have even more rigorous steps to recover their money. Without obtaining the expected results, debt collection procedures are undertaken. And that means that the debt is sold to another company, or the department’s department deals with it. Needless to say, such a decision also involves subsequent fees.

Ultimately, the case takes on a civilian nature and is referred to the court. At the same time, usually a non-bank institution reports on non-repayment of loans to particular bodies such as databases. In this way, borrowers have a blocked path to take further loans in banks and other non-bank companies.

Payment of the loan, at what time?

To get money to your account within the 15 minutes promised in the ad, you still have to meet specific conditions. These include holding a bank account in the same outlet that was listed on the loan company’s website. However, if the bank accounts differ in institutions, then the accounting hours should be noted. It may turn out that we will have to wait for the next business day for money.

The same factor is included when verifying data via a symbolic transfer. Then we have to expect that before our transfer is posted, and then we get a loan for the same account, the appropriate amount of time between posting will pass. The most convenient way is therefore to have the same bank account operated by the loan company.

czas splaty

Verification of personal data in terms of credit history may also extend the waiting for the necessary money. If the data is checked in an institution dependent on working hours, then we must take into account that when submitting the application in the middle of the night, it will be considered only on the next working day.

The hours and days of loan companies clearly indicate to us when we can expect the application to be processed. If we expect an immediate payday loan, and we submit our application a few minutes before the end of the loan company’s work, we ourselves are getting into a longer wait. The principle of doing everything for the last minute, certainly in the case of non-bank loans, does not work for us.

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