Hello, welcome to my website.

It is a website on the internet.

For several reasons, or none, for better or worse, I have removed everything from it, except for this, which is still here.

Perhaps you have noticed this fact. Well, so, you are both here, you and this nothing, together. Surely that's something, at least...

Perhaps also, you are observant; perhaps you say "to have been removed, there must have at one point been a thing here, instead of now not a thing, save the thing that exists now between me and it, this." This is understandable.

Perhaps subsequently you have questions or concerns, or are interested in learning more about things and stuff; perhaps you would instead prefer a shiny thing to look at, or want to read a thing that is not this thing.

any or all of these situations, please feel free to email me at the following address and I will do my best to reconcile any issues or doubts you may have:


Thank you for your time and patience.

- Keith Robert Pasko